Fancy Dress and Costume ideas for an Angel and Devil party

Find below a selection of pictures and a list of many fancy dress and costume ideas for the party theme “Angel and Demon / Devil” !


Photos of fancy dress and costumes for an Angel & Demon party



List of fancy dress and costume ideas for the party theme “Angel & Demon”

Fancy dress ideas of Angel

  • Accessories: Halo, small bow and arrows, angel wings, grouse, golden belt, white socks, blonde wig, boa, white nail polish, glitter, various makeup … 
  • White cloth 
  • White dress
  • White nightgown
  • White underwear 


Fancy dress ideas of Devil / Demon

  • Accessories: devil horns, red underwear, pitchfork, devil’s tail, devil mask, whip, red or black wings, false teeth, lens color red or black, various makeup, red or black boa, fake black nails, black nail polish … 
  • Black outfit
  • Latex outfit
  • Leather outfit 
  • Red and black outfit
  • Red outfit
  • Red underwear


Fancy dress ideas of Angel and Devil / Demon

  • Fallen Angel (White with black accessories and black makeup)
  • black Angel


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