Cheap or free Fancy Dress and Costume ideas

If you’re looking for a free or cheap fancy dress for your next costumed event, you’re at the right place. Here is what we’re going to find in this post :

  • A pictures selection of cheap, low cost and free costumes.
  • Many ideas of cheap fancy dress for adults and kids that you can buy.
  • Cheap and free DIY costumes to make by yourself.
  • A video giving us 8 low cost & very cheap DIY fancy dress ideas.

Photos of cheap and free costumes

Cheap fancy dress for adults

First, you can find hundreds of cheap fancy dress and many special offers on costumes to be delivered to you just HERE !

Men costumes up to 20£

Ali baba, Borat mankini, Bubble wrap suit, Caveman, Christmas jumper, Christmas tree, Clown, Convict, Devil onesie, Doctor, Elf, Fake sheikh, Gangster, Hawaiian grass skirt, Hawaiian shirt, Judge, Linus from peanuts, Monk, Ninja, Pac man video game, Petting zoo, Priest, Santa, Striped jumper, Surgeon, Taffeta cape, Zulu warrior… –> See all the costumes up to 20£

Women costumes up to 20£

45″ taffeta cape, 1960’s mod, 80’s instant kit, Black bunny, Black vampire, Blue/Red shorts, Bride to be Veil, British invasion, Bullet hole mini dress, Caped miss Santa, Cavewoman tunic, Christmas tree, Classic vampire kit, Cocktail hunny black, Cocktail hunny pink, Corset, Cupid, Darling dragon, Devilicious, Devil onesie, Faces devils, Female rehab reject, Fever Santa babe pink, Flamingo dress, Go green eco girl, Golden nights beer dress, Gothic bride kit, Grease pink ladies jacket, Hawaiian halterneck top, Hula flower skirt, Lady elf, Leopard print bodysuit, Melody Monster, Miss Claus, Mummy queen, Mythical muse, Naughty Santa dress, Nun, Parrot dress, Petticoat dress white, Petticoat pink net, Pink bride to be Diamante sash, Pink puff Monster,Pirate Lady, Pirate Woman, Playtime clown, Polka dotty monster, Prom nightmare, Purple Hawaiian halterneck top, Purple posh monster, Rebel Monster, Seaside pinup, Skeleton dress, Starbrite Monster, Tiger print bodysuit, Witchy la bouf pink, Zebra print bodysuit… –> See all the women costumes up to 20£

Men costumes between 20£ and 30£

Alien onesie, Banana, Bazooka gum, Boom boom pow, Bowling ball, Bowling pin, Captain america, Checkered flag, Cheeseburger, Crayons green, Crayons Red, Darth Vader, Darth maul, Deluxe classic toga, Deluxe clown, Deluxe elf, Deluxe Santa, Deluxe velvet cape, Energizer, Football,Grapes green, Grapes Purple, Grease, Grim reaper, Goremet chef, Iron man, Jailbird, Jesus, Johnny last dance, Jon Snow cape, Loaded hot dog, Lucky leprechaun, Luigi, Mad scientist, Mario, Mr Fantastic, Native american, Octoberfest, Partystarter, Penguin jumper, Rainbow colored shirt, Red Alien, Reindeer jumper, Renaissance, Rock star, Rogue pirate, Santa jumper, Shufflebot, Snake eyes ninja, Snowman, Social king, Spy tuxedo, Stop sign, Traffic Cone, Trophy head, Valiant knight, Wheel of misfortune… –> See all the men costumes between 20£ and 30£

Women costumes between 20£ and 30£

1920’s silent movie, 80’s valley girl, 80’s workout, Bed side nurse, Big ben dress, Bewitching witch, Black roaring 20’s girl, Boogie fever, Buccaneer Beauty, Cat head & paws, Circus ringmaster jacket, Classic cheerleader, Classic elf, Convict chick, Deluxe red hooded robe, Disco dolly, Dreadful doll, Elegant empress, Enchanting cat witch, Fashion flapper, Fever flapper, Fever elf, Four tier flapper dress red, Frisky cat, Gatsby gal, Gothic ballerina, Harley Quinn jacket, Howlin, Jester lady, Lady ninja, Lucky Charm, LW french fries dress, Mad hatter, Mime Artiste, Miss red riding hood, Native beauty, Nifty 50’s dress, Parisian clown, Penguin jumper, Pink minnie mouse, Police woman, Private first class, Purple & Black flapper dress, Rag doll, Red fashion flapper, Reindeer dress, Reindeer jumper, Rock n roll sweetheart, Roman Beauty, Ruby goddess, Ruby the pirate, Santa babe, Santa jumper, Shera-ra: Princess of power, South sea siren, Sugar skull cat, Tavern girl, Zombie nurse… –> See all the women costumes between 20£ and 30£

Men costumes between 30£ and 45£

Anubis the jackal, Arkham joker, Batman-Dawn of justice, Batman with muscle chest, Bavarian lederhosen, Bavarian guy, Big Frank, Blue power ranger, Boba Fett, Boil Monster, Boogie nights, Casino slot machine suitmeister, Christmas tree suitmeister, Count bloodthirst, Deadpool, Dead Man’s chest, Deep sea diver, Darth maul zapper, Darth Vader, Deluxe Bane, Disney’s genie, Dr D.ranged, French sailor, Georgie the giraffe, Ghostbusters, Grandma wolf, Green orc Jaw, Henry VIII, Hippie, Minion Dave, Monster onesie, Monster Z black, Ninja turtle, Pharoah, Piggyback frog, Piggyback Monkey, Pimp tiger suitmeister, Plundering pirate, Red power ranger, Retro Wrestler, Rodeo cowboy, Roman gladiator, Rum smuggler Pirate, Spartan warrior, Spiderman, Stormtrooper, St George hero, Striped suitmeister, Superman, Taylor the tiger, Team tetris I, Team tetris L, Team tetris O, Team tetris T, The joker, The pope, Top Gun Flight, Tortilla chips, Una the unicorn… –> See all the men costumes between 30£ and 45£

Women costumes between 30£ and 45£

Alpine princess, Angel of darkness, Bewitching witch, Bloodless bride, Blythe sprit, Broken doll, Classic beauty, Classic Cinderella, Classic witch, Clueless cher, Dark red riding hood, Dead eye dolly, Dorothy, Egyptian goddess, Elegant empress, Elf, Evil sorceress, Fever Santa baby burlesque, Full figure ghostbusters, Ghostly bride, Guardian angel, Harley Quinn, Haunting beauty, Ice queen, Lethal beauty, Manic mad hatter, Midnight vampires, Miss Edward scissorhands, Miss red, Miss Santa, Mistress grim reaper, Miss voorhees, Monster Z black onesie, Mysterious masquerade, Mystical mummy, Pirate wench, Razzle Dazzle, Renaissance wench, Ringmaster, Robin hood, Salem witch, Skeleton masquerade, Spanish pirate, Steampunk, Sultry Fallen angel, Super girl, Swashbuckler dress, Una the unicorn, Victorian doll, Viking vixen, Voodoo dolly, Wicked queen, Wind me up dolly, Wonder woman-dawn of justice… –> See all the women costumes between 30£ and 45£

Men costumes between 45£ and 60£

Badaboom opposuit, Bananaman, Bat opposuit, Blackbeard the pirate, Blue steel opposuit, Bowling ball, Buzz lightyear, Cannaboss opposuit, Cashanova opposuit, Centurion armour, Christmaster opposuit, Chucky, Dark mad hatter, Deluxe Carrot, Deluxe Jor-El, Deluxe Luigi, Deluxe super mario, Dinosaur step-in, Flashing banana, Fresh prince opposuit, Full moon madness, Gangstaclaus opposuit, Harleking opposuit, Hey amigo Donkey step-in, Honey monster, Jag opposuit, King Arthur,Last Laugh, Lover opposuit, Mad hatter, Mr Blobby, Pig, Pink opposuit, Poker face opposuit,Popeye, Pumpking opposuit, Purple opposuit, Red devil opposuit, Robin Hood, Royal vampire, Rudolph opposuit, Saw, Sesame street big bird, Sesame street cookie monster, Sesame Street Elmo, Sheep, Skulleton opposuit,St Patricks opposuit, Stars and stripes opposuit,Tashtastic Opposuit, Ted Tunic, Teen Wolf, Testival opposuit, The joker, Top gun captain, Treemendous opposuit, V for vendetta, Wartime Officer, Woody toy story… –> See all the men costumes between 45£ and 60£

Women costumes between 45£ and 60£

2pc pinup captain, Batgirl corset outfit, Bowling ball, Buccaneer beauty, Captains choice, Charming pirate captain, Cruella de vil, Cyborg, Delightful alice, Egyptian jewel, Fire belle, Glinda, Harley Quinn, Head nurse, Honey monster, La Novia muerta, Lava lamp dress, Luxury supergirl, Maid marian in velvet, Miss Buzz lightyear, Miss Martian, Miss wonderland, Mrs Incredible, Poison apple bodice dress, Pretty playing card, Robin corset outfit, Sailor sweetie, Saloon madame, Slipper-less sweetie, Stormtrooper, Wonder woman… –> See all the women costumes between 45£ and 60£

Cheap fancy dress for kids

Boy costumes up to 15£

Air cadet, Alien onesie,Basic ninja, Bear, Blue royal cloak and crown, Boys surgeon, Bubbles the clown, Child Christmas tree, Child hooded cape, Chinese boy, Christmas cracker, Classic Mike, Crocodile, Devil, Dinosaur, Doctor, Donkey, Dory, Elephant, Elf boy, Emperor, Evacuee boy, Factory worker, Fireman, Frog, Gladiator Armour, Grim reaper-kids, Horrible histories executioner, Kiddy king, King Arthur, Lamb, Lion, Little burglar, Little gangster, Little sheik, Medieval lord, Monkey, Native Indian warrior, Nemo, Paw patrol chase, Pig, Pirate, Pirate captain, Prisoner boy, Purple royal cloak & crown, Regency boy, Reindeer, Santa boys, Shepherd, Silent ninja, Snowman, Space boy, Tiger, Trolls-Branch, Unisex ER doctor, Victorian boy, Victorian pickpocket, Victorian urchin, World war II Evacuee boy… –> See all the boy costumes up to 15£

Girl costumes up to 15£

Alien onesie, Angel, Anna, Asian princess, Bear, Beauty princess, Black witch, Blossom, Bubbles the clown, Child Christmas tree,Christmas cracker, Cinder witch, Classic Anna, Classic forest sprite, Classic kids Elsa, Classic mike, Crocodile, Dinosaur, Donkey, Dory, Elegant witch, Elf, Evacuee girl, Frankie girl, Georgian lady, Ghost, Ghostly spirit, Gothic enchantress, Gothic lace vampires, Gothic vampires, Grecian girl, Lamb, Lion, Little Christmas tree, Little pumpkin, Mary, Mary queen of scots, Midnight spirit, Monkey, No place like home, Nurse, Paw patrol skye, Pig, Pink lady jacket, Pink mermaid, Red riding hood, Regency girl, Reindeer, Rock n roll, Santa’s little helper, Springtime fairy, Tiger, Tudor girl, Unisex ER doctor, Value santa girl, Victorian girl, White horse, World war II evacuee girl… –> See all the girl costumes up to 15£

Boy costumes between 15£ and 30£

Abraham lincoln, Armoured batman-dawn of justice, Army boy, Astronaut, Batman-dawn of justice, Battersea bailey the dog, BFG, Blue power ranger, Bunny rabbit, Buzz lightyear, Captain, Captain hook, Charlie bucket, Child clone trooper captain rex, Child Scarecrow, Child wolverine muscle chest, Classic muscle chest superman, Classic woody, Colonial man/Benjamin Franklin, Cowboy, Deluxe captain america, Dennis the Menace, Fantastic Mr fox, George Washington, Gruffalo, Harry potter gryffindor robe, Horrid henry, Horrible histories Henry VIII, Joker, Kids classic stormtrooper, Kids darth vader, Kids muscle chest superman,Kids stormtrooper deluxe, Little army, Little Hatter, Loyal knight, Lucky black cat, Mister rabbit, Mouse, Muscle chest batman, Muscle chest blue batman, Musketeer, Paw patrol marshall, Peter pan, Pink power ranger, Police boy, Robin, Silver batman, Skull knight, Star wars the force awakens finn deluxe, Star wars the force awakens Kylo Ren deluxe, Top hat cat, Werewolf, Where’s Wally, Willy Wonka, Wolf, Woody toy story for kids, X wing fighter deluxe… –> See all the boy costumes between 15£ and 30£

Girl costumes between 15£ and 30£

101 dalmations ballerina dress, Alice dress, Alien, Bat Toddler, Battersea bailey the dog, Belle, Charmed witch, Classic spider-girl, Cool cat, Cruella de vil, Cutsie clown, Deluxe Elsa, Deluxe supergirl, Disney’s cinderella, Disney’s loveheart belle, Deluxe batgirl, Deluxe wonder woman, Egyptian girl, Festive witch, Frozen fever Anna, Frozen fever Elsa, Gruffalo, Harley quinn, Harry Potter gryffindor robe, High seas sass tween, Horrible histories egyptian, Indian girl, Jessie costume, Jester girl, Lil indian princess, Lil miss red, Little guardian angel,Little ladybug, Loveheart sleeping beauty, Lucky black cat, Mary poppins, Masquerade, Matilda, Moonlight magic witch, Peppa pig with teddy, Pink skeleton, Power rangers pink super mega force, Pumpkin fairy, Rodeo girl, Sassy devil, Skeleton queen, Star angel, Stardust witch, Star wars the force awakens rey deluxe, Supergirl, Tinkerbell fairy, Top hat cat, Tudor princess, Vintage nurse, Virgin mary, Wearwolf, Where’s Wally Wenda, White skeleton… –> See all the girl costumes between 15£ and 30£

Boy costumes between 30£ and 45£

Chewbacca, Elvis, Kids wolfman, First Contact… –> See all the boy costumes between 30£ and 45£

Cheap & Free DIY fancy dress ideas

Free costume ideas to make by yourself

First, you can start by taking out your old fancy dress from your closets and wardrobe and give them a new life :

  • Wear one of your old costume as it is. Or else personalize it and make it more original by adding various original accessories : Hat, gloves, mask, makeup, wig…
  • Combine 2 costumes to make it one. For example, you can use the main outfit of a fancy dress and use the details and accessories of another fancy dress. This way you’ll end up with a new original fancy dress.

Alternatively, you can also take your current clothes out of your wardrobe and closets and make it a fancy dress. This way, you will not have to spend anything and so you will have a free costume. Here are some more concrete ideas :

  • Find some old clothes that you haven’t worn for years and costume yourself in a you old. No cost for this costume and nostalgia and good memories assured.
  • Wear clothes of completely different styles and give yourself an unique look. You will look kitsch and you will probably not have the best fancy dress, but that’s a free costume idea. Indeed, you’ll not have to take out any penny of your pocket.
  • Borrow clothes to a friend or member of your family and become that person during the time of your event. Once again, there is no charge for this costume.
  • Get your favorite pyjama, the one with teddy bear or a unicorn. And here you are with a very comfortable costume for your event without any expense. Plus, you’re already ready to go to bed.
  • Use your clothes to costume yourself into a profession that does not require special uniforms. All you have to do is adapt your outfit and, above all, equip yourself with the right accessories adequate for each job. For example : Hostess, businessman, wrtier, florist, gardener, pizza delivery man, teacher, writer…

Cheap & low cost costume ideas to make by yourself

Make a cheap fancy dress using cardboard, fabric and paint. Generally it’s quite easy to find free cartons, if you don’t have some, you can ask relatives. For the fabric, you can retrieve old sheets or old clothes. About the painting, you can find it in a DIY shop and it should not ruin you. Don’t hesitate to add other equipments, items or materials to make your fancy dress more complete.

Here are some examples of low cost fancy dress to make in cardboard :

Flat food (Bacon, fried egg, slice of fruit or vegetable…), hamburger, animal, plane, Tetris block, Spongebob, Gingerbread man, card games, Lego, locomotive, knight equipment, gift package, pixelated, robot (Stormtrooper, Futuraman, Box man…), rubik’s cube, smartphone, car…

Here are some examples of low cost fancy dress to make with fabric :

Low cost costume ideas

Find in the video below 8 very cheap (Price and quality) DIY costume ideas. So if you’re looking for a cheap and funny costume, you are at the right place. ?

If you still haven’t found your cheap costume, you can find hundreds of low price fancy dress on promotion to be delivered to you just HERE !