Last minute and improvised Fancy Dress and Costume ideas

If you’re looking for a last minute fancy dress for your next costumed event, you’re at the right place. Here is what we’re going to find in this post :

  • A pictures selection of improvised ans last minute costumes.
  • Many ideas of last minute and fast to make fancy dress.
  • A video giving us 28 last minute & fast DIY costume ideas

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Photos of last minute costumes



Last minute fancy dress ideas

Costume yourself in only 5 minutes with what you already have in your affairs.

We oftenly forget that we have our closets and cupboards full of clothes, costumes and even fancy dress. And yet you will not have a faster way to improvise your fancy dress. So if you want a last minute costume, use clothes and fancy dress that you already have at home and then follow our advices :


  • Get out old clothes that you haven’t worn for a very long time and give yourself an old school style. For example, you could costume yourself with clothes of the 1980’s or the 1990’s. For fancy dress ideas of the previous years, find out our page “Fancy dress ideas grouped by decade“.


  • Get in your closet some clothes of different styles : Sportswear, casual outfit, garden outfit, pajamas, suit… It will look more like a nerdy outfit than a fancydress, but it will do the trick fot this time.


  • Get the fancy dress that you already have in your affairs, they’re just waiting for you. If you’re tired of these costumes and want more originality, make the combination of 2 or 3 diferent fancy dress. Originality and success guaranteed !


  • Borrow the clothes of a friend or a member of your family and become this person for a night time. Don’t forget to ask advices to that same person about what is his/her usual clothing combinations.


  • Take out the most original pyjamas you could find and feel comfortable throughout your event.


And here you are with a wonderful homemade costume made at the last minute. But if you didn’t find yet a fancy dress that you like, we continue below with even more ideas of fast fancy dress to make by yourself.


Fast fancy dress to be made from cardboard

If you are a minimum do-it-yourselfer, the cardboard costume is for you. Here are some ideas of fancy dress in cardboard more or less easy and fast to make by yourself :

Now, you should have found a last minute fancy dress that matches your expectations. But in case this is still the case, we let you discover one more option below. 🙂


Costume yourself quickly with only one specific color

Search in your wardrobe clothes of the same color and dress-up with only one color. No money to invest and you will be ready in only 5 minutes ! For your outfit of the same color become a fancy dress, don’t forget to add accessories of this same color : Hat, cap, miscellaneous jewelry, shoes, laces, bracelets, belt, underwear, make-up, hairr dye, nail polish, lenses, glasses…


Last minute & fast DIY costume ideas

Find in the video below 28 last minute DIY fancy dress ideas. You can easily make these costumes by yourself at home. More, they may be suitable for adults, man or women and for kids, boy or girl.


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Tell us about your costume ideas for this theme :)