Fancy Dress and Costume ideas for an Upside Down party

Find below a selection of pictures and a list of many fancy dress and costume ideas for the party theme “Upside Down” ordered alphabetically !


Photos of fancy dress and costumes for an Upside Down party



List of fancy dress and costume ideas for the party theme “Upside Down”

  • Back gloves 
  • Back shows 
  • Back t-shirt
  • Boy for a girl 
  • Girl for a boy 
  • Glasses on hair 
  • Gloves on the feet 
  • Hat back 
  • Hat backwards 
  • Inverted shoes (bring a size above) 
  • Returned Pants
  • Returned Short 
  • Returned socks
  • Shirt back 
  • Socks for gloves 
  • Socks on shoes 
  • Sweat / pull back 
  • Tie belt 
  • Tie headband (ninja style) 
  • Tie in the back 
  • T-shirt inside 
  • Underwear over clothes 
  • Upside down Sweater / jumper
  • Upside down cap
  • Upside down Glasses
  • Upside down Pants
  • Upside down Shirt 
  • Upside down Short 
  • Upside down Underwear
  • Upside down Watch
  • Various hat back 
  • Various mask behind the head 
  • Watch around the tibia 


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