Advice n°2: Create your own disguise

Homemade fancy dress costumes of the Avengers


If you dont’ want to buy your fancy dress costume already done and you’re manual, handyman, you can create most of your suits by yourself. It just takes a bit of good will ! 😉

You will probably need to buy or recover (in your case or ask your friends) some clothes, uniforms, materials, objects and customize them.


Fancy dress costume of Aladdin from Disney

Create the main outfit of your fancy dress costume

The color of the clothes

If some of your clothes are not the right color and if it’s not too dark you can use some dye (found in supermarkets), the choice of color will be reduced but your fabric will keep good quality.

For a more precise color you can use spray paint, the color choice will be more accurate but the fabric will lose its quality and that will be more “rough”. Personally I still prefer the spray paint because it’s faster, the visual quality is good and the color generally corresponds to that sought !

The size and the cut of the clothes

Usually your clothes will not be the right size or will not have the right cut, and you’ll probably need to adjust them. You will need to cut and sew! If you do not really know how to do, it’s best to ask grandmother, she will be happy to do this for you. If there is only a little editing to do and you are a great adventurer, you can attempt to improvise you a fashion designer. Don’t forget to use pinking shears for cutting fabric to prevent the fabric from fraying.

For details you can glue / sew pieces of fabric or add them directly to the fabric with a Posca (felt).


Create the accessories

Fancy dress costume of a comunist viking

Some materials and articles are very useful, sometimes essential in the making and design of your clothing accessories (Small ball mouse, Ping-Pong ball, felt, stick, crepe paper, cardboard, fabric …). Using and assembling these different materials, objects you usually get a good result. You can customize the color of your materials, objects through dyeing, spray paint, markers, Posca paint … Generally the spray paint allows to color all kinds of materials and offer a wide choice of colors and a good quality 😉

Ps: You will probably have to wear your costume for the whole evening, so make sure it does not bother you and you are comfortable with it so you can feel better and be on Top!


Fancy dress costume of Bender Futurama


  • Buy clothes / outfits on flea markets, discount stores, Leboncoin eBay.

  • Collect objects, materials, clothing, outfits in your old business, or ask your friends.

  • For details use pieces of fabric or Posca.

  • Use spray paint (Large choice of colors applicable on all media).

  • Ask Grandma for cutting and sewing.

  • PS: Make a comfortable costume to feel better and be in the Top!


Créer son déguisement

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